Welcome to MMCIS/TicketStage

TicketStage by MMCIS, Inc. is a Web-based box-office service. It provides theaters Internet ticket ordering by credit card for their patrons and a Web-based box-office service for their staff.

TicketStage adds on-line ticket ordering to a theater's web site for both subscriber and non-subscriber patrons. Patrons select seats from the theater's seating chart. Subscriber credits are automatically checked, applied, and usage recorded. Orders are instantly confirmed and ticket/invoices provided.

TicketStage also provides a web-based box-office service for theaters to book phone, mail, and window orders. Since the box-office is web-based, theater staff can book orders from both the theater's box-office and their home computers. The system supports multiple staff simultaneously booking orders.

Theaters decide what TicketStage services to use and can change at any time. A theater can use just the patron on-line ticketing and integrate it with their existing ticketing system. Theaters not ready for patron on-line ticketing can use just the on-line box-office service.