A New and more Efficient way for Patrons to Order Tickets
Theater-goers are becoming increasing familiar with on-line Internet ticketing. They like and want the convenience, ease, and immediacy of on-line ticketing. On-line ticketing is growing rapidly.

Increased Ticket Sales
Promoting on-line ticketing brings more visitors to a theater's web site. Giving visitors the ability to instantly order tickets while their interests are high results in increased ticket sales.

Reduced Box-Office Effort
Tickets sold on-line require little or no staff effort thus reducing the number of orders the staff handles. TicketStage streamlines handling phone and mail orders, eliminating paperwork, making it easier to book orders.

Distributed Box-Office Effort
TicketStage provides for multiple staff to simultaneously enter orders. Seat availability is updated instantaneously so no seats get sold twice. Box-office staff can also book orders from home using their home computers.

No Cost to Theatre
TicketStage provides on-line ticketing at no net cost to theaters. Patrons pay a small incremental fee. Most theaters require no investment since they already have a web site and internet access. There are no installation costs, monthly or minimum fees.

Reduced Theatre Costs
TicketStage provides many opportunities to reduce theater costs. Mailing costs can be reduced by not sending tickets ordered on-line. Emailing promotional information using email addresses collected by TicketStage can reduce printing and mailing costs. If a theater employs outside services to book tickets, the theater will likely be able to reduce, possibly eliminate this service.

No Risk Opportunity to Try TicketStage
A theater can cancel TicketStage services at any time. There are no cancellation fees. With no investment or installation costs and no cancellation fees, TicketStage provides theaters with a no risk opportunity to try on-line ticketing.