TicketStage Demo Theater

Our live demo makes it easy for your theater to experience on-line ticketing and fully evaluate TicketStage.

You can setup your own demo show and performances at our demo venues and make these performances available for on-line ticketing. Your members and patrons can then experience ordering tickets on-line for your demo show. Your box-office people can try out the TicketStage Box-Office, booking mail and phone orders, managing seat availability, viewing instant reports, and experiencing how they can manage your theater’s ticketing operation using TicketStage.

The TicketStage Demo Theater consists of a Patron Demo and a Box-Office Demo.

Patron Demo

In this demo you order tickets on-line by selecting the seats you wish for the performances you setup and for other demo shows. The Patron Demo is public so all your members and patrons can try booking orders on-line.

Box-Office Demo

In this Box office you setup your demo show and performances, and experience how you can manage your theater’s ticketing operation using TicketStage. Contact TicketStage to set up your private access to the Box-Office Demo by filling out this short form.