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Donation/Contribution Orders

TicketStage supports online collection of donations or contributions. Theaters can ask for donations separately or as part of a ticket order.

Additional Donation/Contribution Order Capabilities

The donation/contribution order can have additional fields specified by the theater, including the marketing questions.

Handling fees

The handling fee for the donation/contribution amount, whether it is part of a ticket order or a separate order, is 4%. At this time, the system does not allow the theater to pass this onto the patron as an explicit handling fee. The handling fee is simply deducted from the net proceeds check for those theaters using the TicketStage merchant account, or billed to theaters using their own merchant account.

So for example, if a patron orders 2 tickets for $25 each and adds a donation/contribution of $50, if the per ticket handling fee is $2, the patron would pay: $104: $50 for the 2 tickets, $4 for ticket handling fee, and the $50 donation/contribution.

The theater net would be $98: $50 for the tickets and $48 ($50 - $2 [4%]) for the donation/contribution.

For a separate donation/contribution order for $100, the patron would be charged $100 and the theater net would be $96.

What TicketStage needs to set up a donation/contribution order capability

We need 3 things to set up the capability:

  1. The text for the donation/contribution prompt that will appear on the payment form for adding this to a regular ticket order.
  2. The text/layout for the donation/contribution only page. This might include any special levels of giving or benefit list, etc.
  3. The go ahead to make it live. Giving this go ahead indicates that you accept the fee schedule for donations/contributions.

Example of donation/contribution with regular ticket order:

Example of donation/contribution only order form. This would be linked from the Theater website using a URL of the form: https://www.ticketstage .com/TSD/contribution.html